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An invitation to nurture your creative talents and cultivate your professional skills


When we say you're going to be on a first-name basis with your department chair, we mean it. Seriously. We've got an 12:1 student-teacher ratio for our studio classes, and a 16:1 ratio for our "lecture" classes. The network of professors, mentors, and internship leaders who guide you through your time here are the building blocks for your professional career – you'll be taught by working artists who are actively engaged in their field. They're only going to be your teachers for a few years, but they'll be your peers for life.


60 acres. 32 buildings. Dorms. Apartments. A gym. A cafeteria. A movie theatre. Everything you need in one place. Whether you're grabbing late-night snacks at our student-run store, or up at the crack of dawn to get into your private studios in Thaw, or sharing lunch with friends on the Quad, our campus is the kind of fully immersive experience that you should demand from an arts campus. Plus, you'll be surrounded by Santa Fe – ranked the Most Artistic City in America by Atlantic Magazine. This is your space to create!


It doesn't end when you walk out our doors – we'll be here for you for life. Career planning and preparation, internships, seminars, one-on-one counseling, and networking opportunities. Because we expect you to work hard, and hold your head high, and go into the world as an ambassador of our university – because we're proud of you already, and you aren't even here yet.


Internships mean one thing: actual experience. Doing your art. We're not talking about emptying trash cans at an art museum. We've sent music and theatre students to the Santa Fe Opera. We've had film majors work on Hollywood movies and TV shows as far away as New York City. We're talking theatre, museum, cutting-edge gallery, production company, sound mixing, paint throwing, word slinging, find your passion, execute your dream, make the connection, it's happening now internships. (Notice how we don't put the word 'unpaid' in front of them? We work hard to make sure you get a paycheck or academic credits for your work.)